Freya Arctic Cleansing Water ~ Revew

~I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.~


Recently, I was asked to give an honest review of a facial cleanser.  The cleanser is called Freya Arctic Cleansing Water. This scientific formula has been in the works for 30 years by top leading scientists to product this holistic skin care system that helps keep your skin youthful. Some of the ingredients included are water, sea salt, aloe, and citric acid.

As busy, stay at home mom that just turned 30, I hated to admit that I needed a better cleanser. I have oily skin in the summer, and super dry skin in the winter. The great thing about this product is it works with any skin combination. Plus, it is such an easy process and saves so much time. You literally just have to twist the top open a little bit, squirt it onto a cotton ball, and wipe your face with it. Can’t get much easier than that. It also smells much better than the typical alcohol based cleansers and it doesn’t burn when applying.

I love to throw my Arctic cleansing water into my cosmetic bag with a few cotton balls and put it in my diaper bag. I take it with when I work out, play at the park, or any other time I make have access sweat. It is so nice to have a product that will not dry out my face and also keep my skin healthy.

If you are looking for a better cleanser, I strongly suggest checking out the Freya line. Follow them on:



A Little About Freya:

Freya is developed by Aqua Skin Science Inc., a US based prestige skin care and nutritional supplement company with products based around patented unique active ingredients from Scandinavia. Freya is the first brand in the cosmetic industry to utilize patented technology tonano-encapsulate marine based Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as LEXA™, a never-before-seen patented ingredient shown to boost collagen production by over 600%. Aqua Skin Science’s goal is to develop and formulate the most efficacious skin care systems by leveraging partnerships with Scandinavia’s foremost biotechnology companies and research universities.


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