Basement Bathroom in Progress 3~26~14

Most of you know we bought a house that was a foreclosure. When the bank took it over they shut all the power off to the house. That is the WORST thing you can do to a home with a sump pump. Once the power was turned off the sump pump tuns into an open line for water. Water can come in but can’t be pumped out. When this happens you end up with a foot of water and tons of mold. Of course to a finished basement this is bad news. When this happens you end up with a basement that has to be completely gutted. Luckily for us the bank paid for a company to come in and remove all the drywall and clean up all mold until it passed an air quality test. This is a very expensive procedure so if you are looking into buying a house with mold, call around and get some quotes.



So for weeks now we have been working strictly on the basement, in between my husband’s full time job, 4 children, and all the other household loveliness. But there is progress..I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am just hoping it isn’t ending up with me 6 feet under LOL

Here are some updated photos of the basement may not look like much but to me it’s that much closer to having a completed basement lol


Sorry for the small person photo bombing my pictures lol as soon as it is nap time I am off to clean off the 4 years of dust, dirt, and gunk from who knows where off the floors and and fixtures..tonight the toilet leaves the box LOL

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